Webinar: Sustainable Groundwater Management and Use

The Rural Water and Food Security Focus area holds its third semi/webinar on Groundwater Management Policy and Practice as two sessions both at 08:30-11:10 CET (14:30-17:30 in China).


On Day 1 we shall Set the Scene by addressing major aspects of groundwater management. We have the pleasure to start with a presentation of the UN United Nations World Water Development Report 2022: “Groundwater – making the invisible visible” and the impact the EU Nitrates Directive has had on groundwater Quality across Europe. 


Also, on Day 1 we shall revisit the first two groundwater dialogues on groundwater quantity and quality, respectively, and select the key issues to be considered as PI RURAL policy recommendations. 


On Day 2 the partners of the Rural Water and Food Security project will report on their findings and recommendations on the sustainability of groundwater dependent ecosystems, irrigation, and managed aquifer recharge before we close with a discussion of the Groundwater Management Challenges in the 21st century.