Webinar Improving water quality management via better data

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Information about Water Quality as well as Water Quantity is a prerequisite for sustainable water management. However, in Rural Areas characterized by areas of scale and huge distances between data collection points, providing the right information is not easy.


The webinar attended by about 40 participants discussed new opportunities for water quality monitoring, data management and data analysis and how clear descriptions of end-user needs will help strengthen ways for the market to contribute to better water management.


The Summary Report presents take away messages from the presentations and the roundtable of the seminar.


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Welcome remarks

Welcome remarks - Henrik Dissing, CEWP


Setting the Scene

[Groundwater Management: which data is need for better management? – Bjørn Kaare Jensen, Program Manager, CEWP PI Lot 2 Rural Water]

[The role of water system data reporting for spatial land users in the green transition, comparing cases from EU and China - Xiaoying Liu, NatureHerit DC]


Company presentations – Digitalization of monitoring of water quality

[Real-time analysis of metals in water opens the eyes for process optimization and enables pollution prevention, Toni Laurila, Sensmet, FIN]

[Real-time, on-line monitoring of nutrients, John McGrath Aquamonitrix]

[Improving river basin management via digitalization, Ole Larsen, DHI]


Company presentations – Groundwater monitoring

[Airborne technologies for groundwater mapping, Flemming Effersø, SkyTem]


Company presentations – Ecological restauration

[Soil and water bioengineering as techniques for river restoration - database for quality of project designs, Hans Peter Rauch, Geoverde]