Webinar Digitalization of Water Quality Management – From Data Generation to Value Creation

Invitation to the China Europe Water Platform Webinar Series – it’s free of charge

May 24th 2022 @3 pm CN / 9 am CET - Digitalization of Water Quality Management – From Data Generation to Value Creation


Substantial efforts are invested in digitalization of Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring, both in China and Europe. The webinar will examine the framework for Data Generation, and how the interaction between data generation and value creation can be improved. Further, a number of inspiring monitoring solutions will be presented.


Information about Water Quality as well as Water Quantity is a prerequisite for sustainable water management. However, in Rural Areas characterized by areas of scale and huge distances between data collection points, providing the right information is not easy.


This webinar will identify new opportunities for water quality monitoring, data management and data analysis, while at the same time discuss how clear descriptions of end-user needs will help strengthen ways for the market to contribute to better water management.


The webinar on will include Setting-the-Scene speeches by Bjørn Kaare Jensen, GEUS and CEWP PI Lot 2: “Groundwater Management: which data is need for better management?” and Xiaoying Liu: NatureHerit: “The role of water system data reporting for spatial land users in the green transition, comparing cases from EU and China”


Further, technology cases will be presented by Toni Laurila, Sensmet; John McGrath Aquamonitrix; Ole Larsen, DHI; Flemming Effersø, SkyTem and Hans Peter Rauch, Geoverde.


Please have a look at the detailed program available HERE.


Link to webinar: https://rai-nl.zoom.us/j/93624113573?pwd=QzZaZE4zZXhwTWlXZFU2MFp3bXZvdz09

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