Webinar Water Management in development of Blue Green Cities: presentations available

Blue cities

The first webinar of CEWP business series dedicated to Water Management in development of Blue Green Cities took place the last March 16th virtually with about 100 participants.

In the seminar the experts provided insights about the opportunities and barriers in the water market in China.

Presentations are already available bellow:

  1. Cities, water and climate change – Lykke Leonardsen, C40
  2. Progress Report for CEWP PI Project Lot 3: Water and Urbanization – Chen Liqun, CAUPD, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
  3. Blue green urban development – Mads Terkelsen, Rambøll
  4. How the value of 20 mm changed Stockholm – Lessons that China can learn - Fredrik Ohls, SWECO
  5. Urban Development and the Blue-Green Element – Jeroen Rijsdijk, Arcadis
  6. Supporting Blue Green Sponge City Planning – Frans van de Ven, Deltares
  7. Remediation of heavily polluted urban areas – Simone Padoan, EEGEX
  8. Improvement of water management and use efficiency in Smart Cities– Carina Almeida, Aqualogus
  9. Sustainable Financing Mechanisms – Chris Zevenbergen, IHE Delft
  10. Supporting Market Access for EU SMEs to China - Liam Jia, EU SME Centre
  11. Aquatech Shanghai - Editha Hoogenberg-Derksen, RAI Amsterdam


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