Update from the CEWP-PI Lot 4 – EU-China Cooperation on Sustainable Hydropower

The PI Lot 4 project, Sustainable Hydropower Use and Integration in China and EU (SHUI-ChE), aims to enhance co-generation, exchange and application of knowledge on sustainable hydropower between EU and China. The project addresses sustainable hydropower from both a green dimension focusing on reducing hydropower’s environmental impact and a blue dimension focusing on enhancing hydropower’s role in integration of renewable energy sources and transition towards more sustainable energy system.              

In 2019, the PI Lot 4 project will continue to work towards above objectives through exchange of experiences and best practices, development of a cross-sectoral water-energy network, and joint development and dissemination of policy recommendations.

The main activities in 2019 include:

  • International symposium on Greening and Upgrading Small Hydropower for Eco-environment Restoration, 7-8 May

    The symposium provides opportunity for relevant European and Chinese partners to exchange knowledge and experiences on topics such as regulatory frameworks and standards for sustainable hydropower, environmental mitigation and upgrading, and strategic tools for balancing energy and environmental goals/interests.
  • field trip in Austria and Italy focusing on green hydropower standards, balancing energy and environmental interests, environmental mitigation measures and innovative solutions for pumped storage plants, 1-6 July

    Main objectives are to deepen understanding, knowledge and exchange between EU and China on:
    • EU approach on green hydropower (legal and management issues)
    • Implemented solutions in EU on how energy production and nature conservation can go hand in hand
    • Hydromorphological measures that improve the status of a river, which has been impacted by hydropower generation.
    • Existing and innovative solutions for Pumped Storage Plants
  • workshop ”Rethinking hydropower in nexus and flexibility: Learning from EU-China cooperation” at the World Water Week in Stockholm, 29 August 

    The event will share learnings from two major projects on water-energy-food nexus and hydropower’s role for enhancing flexibility of clean energy system transformation in China and EU. The event aims to generate deepened knowledge and multidisciplinary dialogue among all participants on both the “green” and “blue” dimensions of sustainable hydropower in the context of low carbon development transition, linking closely to both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement on climate.
  • field trip in Sweden focusing on balancing energy and environmental goals/interests and environmental mitigation measures,  26-30 August 

    The delegation from China is expected to have about 30 participants representing government agencies, research institutes and hydropower companies. The programme will include participation at part of the 2019 World Water Week, exchanges with the Swedish/European energy and water communities, and visits to Swedish energy/hydropower companies.