Take part in the CEWP Business and Innovation Program 2019 – Market Segment Theme: Industrial Water Use – Your Gateway to the Chinese Market

CEWP PI Business and Innovation program


In 2019 the CEWP PI Business and Innovation Program will go through a series of activities focusing on the business solutions and challenges currently faced in industrial water use.

The objective of the program is to highlight state-of-the-art technical solutions regarding water use efficiency and water reuse in the food sector industry. Also non-food industries will be addressed. The program aims at stimulating Chinese interest in European companies, solutions and competences, builds up innovation-oriented partnership and gives overall support to European companies interested in entering the Chinese Market.

Meet Chinese Water-consuming Industrial Companies with needs for upgrading of their technologies, as well as Chinese Water Tech Companies who could be your new partner at this interesting market. You can take active part with a case presentation, as roundtable panelist, or attend the audience. By taking part in the CEWP Business and Innovation Program, you will each time have the opportunity to visit two events within the same travel, allowing for both taking part in CEWP activities and high-profile Water Tech Expos.


The program will include three activities:

  • The first event with Key Stakeholders and Challenge Owners will take place in Qingdao (Shandong Province, China) on April 12th-13th, followed by side-events @IE Expo Shanghai (April, 15th-16th) as well as exhibit opportunities. Read about the events key results from here or download the event report here
  • During November 11th-15th, the 14th EU-China (EUPIC/EEN) fair will be held in Qingdao and Chengdu; here the CEWP will organize side events with Open Innovation Meetings as the main activity.
  • Finally, side events will be held @CEWP Annual Meeting in Lisbon on December 2nd-3rd, with possibilities for site visits to selected European countries (December 4th-6th)

A flyer can be downloaded here. During the coming weeks, the program will continuously be further detailed.

To stay updated, please follow up the CEWP website or inform your interest by sending an email to the Program Manager, Henrik Dissing, hedis@mst.dk