Small scale infrastructure for rural areas


The webinar "Small scale infrastructure for rural areas", attended by about 50 participants, discussed investment needs and market opportunities. State-of-the-Art solutions, enabling a circular economy approach with wastewater treatment plants becoming Resource Recovery Facilities and water supply facilities having low water leakage rates were presented. Options for adding a whole water cycle perspective and allowing for substantial water reuse, were presented and discussed.

The webinar report presents take away messages from the roundtable, the chair and rapporteur of the seminar. The webinar program is enclosed as annex to this report and the presentations from the webinar, with more details is available at the CEWP webpage.

Download the program [here

Download the report from the webinar [here

Download presentations here:

Setting the Scene

[Henrik Dissing, CEWP: Welcome remarks

[Wu Xiaomei, IWHR, MWR: Water Management Challenges and 14th 5-Year Plan Targets

[Tia Savolainen, SWECO FIN: White Paper: Small-scale Water Supply and Sanitation in Rural Areas] 

Company presentations – Digital Tools for regional water management and monitoring

[Fenjuan Hu, NIRAS: Dynamic Lake Ecosystem Modelling as supporting tool for drinking water management in lakes and reservoirs

[Luca Bovo, Sommer: Flow monitoring in wastewater and treatment plants with innovative Non-Contact sensor

[Herbert Chan, Uros: Improving operations and functionalities in the most critical points in water management.] - Pending

Company presentations – Technologies for small-scale water supply and wastewater infrastructure

[Bruno Lhopiteau, Siveco: Infrastructure solutions for small-medium size cities

[Jingjing Ma, Nordiq Group: Rural Water and Ecological restoration design experiences] 

Company presentations – Nature-based solutions      

[Peder Gregersen, Center for Recycling: Natural recycling and sequestration systems for wastewater

[Dion van Oirschot, Rietland: Constructed wetlands as natural wastewater treatment plants