Policy Dialogue

Water is a critical natural resource for people, for food and for energy. Sustainable water management is a key to safeguard sufficient and clean water for different uses. Ongoing collaboration on water management is of great significance to both China and Europe to prevent future global water crises.

As stated by the Joint statement, with the support of the EU Water Initiative (EUWI) and based on reciprocity and mutual benefit, CEWP was established to achieve the objectives of realising good governance in managing water resources and enhancing mutual understanding on approaches in integrated water resources policy development and implementation.

Since the CEWP was introduced, eight annual high-level Dialogue Conferences have been held respectively in Zhengzhou, Budapest, Beijing, Copenhagen, Turku, Beijing, Guimarães and the last one, virtually.

You can find below the Ministerial Declarations signed during these meetings: 

The last High Level Dialogue Conference took place in january 2021, virtually. 

During this virtual High Level Dialogue Conference Ministers, Commissioner and Senior Officials stressed the need to consolidate and reinforce water cooperation, as a major component of the China-EU Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and expressed the common vision of Europe and China to pursue a sustainable, long-term green and resilient growth. Several concrete actions such as policy dialogues, joint research, sharing of experiences and knowledge will continue to be developed in order to improve both regions performance on water management, contributing to Agenda 2030 and having in mind the announced Chinese aim of carbon neutrality by 2060 and the European commitment of Climate neutrality by 2050.

Finally, it was declared the intention to promote green and high-quality development of the water sector in China and Europe through CEWP.