New European Secretariat of the China-Europe Water Platform – process for candidate countries is now re-opened!

New European Secretariat

From today till the 3rd of March, European Member States can apply for the position of European Secretariat of the China Europe Water Platform.

Since its launch in 2012, three Member States have assumed this role, namely Denmark (2012-17), Finland (2018-2019) and Portugal (2020-2022).

Candidatures for this position, for the biennium (2023-2024) can be submitted until the 3rd of March in a written way to the current European Secretariat ( and ).

Below you can find all the relevant documentation for this process, namely the criteria that each candidate must observe to apply for this role:

CEWP was established to achieve the objectives of realising good governance in managing water resources, enhancing mutual understanding, promoting the exchange of innovative knowledge and technologies to meet common challenges, creating opportunities to undertake business development and joint research programs of common interest.

According with the Joint Statement, signed in 2012, the work of the Platform “will be assisted by a European Secretariat hosted by one of the Member States and a Chinese Secretariat hosted by the Ministry of Water Resources”.

The work of the European Secretariat is crucial for the continuous evolution of this Platform and to guarantee the necessary coordination within European Members, as well as with the Chinese Secretariat.

We look forward for your involvement in this process!