Policy Reports

Since 2012, CEWP foundation was based on three pillars – Policy, Research and Business – and around four Thematic Focus Areas: River Basin Management and Ecological Security; Rural Water and Food Security; Water and Urbanization; and Water and Energy Security.

From 2018 till 2022, the European Commission has been supporting CEWP activities, through the Partnership Instrument, covering, not only the four Focus Areas, but also some horizontal activities, namely the political, research and business pillars.

All these different areas of work, during these years, were producing different kind of outputs, most of them becoming Reports.

Here you can have access to these Policy Reports, concluded and published under the responsibility of each Partnership Team, describing not only all the process of elaborating it, but also identifying the good lessons learned, as the challenges to overcome them and pointing some ways to face existing barriers.

1 – Lot1 Policy Report for the Mechanism of River Basin Water Resources Management in China

2 – Lot1 Policy Report for the Integrated Water Resources Management-Based Lake Restoration

3 – Lot1 Policy Report for River Restoration Practices in China and Europe

4 – Lot2 Policy Report for CEWP Rural Water and Food Security

5 – Lot3 Policy Report on China Europe Cooperation on Sponge Cities

6 – Lot4 Policy report on Sustainable Hydropower Use and Integration

7 – Lot5 Policy Report on Business Program

8 – Lot5 Policy report on Alignment of EU-China Scientific and Technological Funding Schemes and Opportunities in the Water Sector