7th China Europe High-Level Dialogue Conference of CEWP in Portugal

The 7th China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) High-Level Dialogue Conference took place in Guimarães, Portugal, from the 6th to the 9th of November 2019. The conference was jointly organized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition of Portugal and the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and the High-Level Meeting was jointly led by of the Minister of Environment and Climate Action of Portugal, Mr. João Pedro Matos Fernandes, and by the Minister of Water Resources of China, Mr. E Jinping.


Mr. E Jingping, Minister of the Water Resources of China


The High-Level Meeting

As a result of the High-Level Meeting a Ministerial Declaration was signed identifying the priority areas for further cooperation between European countries represented in this Platform and China. In the declaration, European countries and China commit themselves to push for attainment of the Agenda 2030 Water-Related Goals, to promote high-level mutual visits and expertise change, as well as to improve water governance policy and explore initiatives for joint research. Water saving, smart water conservation, sustainable hydropower, ecological protection and source to sea management were identified as priority areas for the future.

Guimarães Declaration



The theme of the High-Level Meeting was Water Innovation. You can find the programme of the High-Level Meeting here. Four keynote speeches were given about River ecological security and Drought management under climate change.


Workshops and Seminars of the Conference

The China-Europe Water Platform is a mechanism that aims to foster the cooperation between China and Europe in the field of water, namely in its political, scientific and business perspectives. Bearing this in mind, the organizers of this High-Level Conference decided to arrange several events at the margins of the Ministerial Meeting covering all the perspectives of this Platform.


Overall Programme of the Conference

The report on the 7th CEWP High-Level Dialogue Conference

The website of the Conference: https://www.cewppt2019.pt

Conference photo gallery




Guimarães, Portugal