Groundwater Quality Management Webinar

The Rural Water and Food Security focus area holds its second seminar on Best Practices in Groundwater Management as two webinars scheduled for 26th and 28th October 2021, both days 9-12 CET and 15-18 Chinese time.

The main sessions of the webinar are:

Day 1 – Groundwater Quality Management

  1. Opening 
  2. Status of Groundwater Quality in China and the EU
  3. Groundwater Quality Legislation and Regulation (Standards)
  4. Groundwater Monitoring Programs and Data Management

Day 2 – Groundwater Quality Protection and Use

  1. Protection against of Groundwater Pollution
  2. Mitigation of Groundwater Pollution
  3. Remediation of Groundwater Pollution
  4. Closure

Link to the full webinar program HERE