China-Europe Water Platform at the 9th World Water Forum


Capitalizing the 9th World Water Forum, the world’s largest event on water, occurring on March 21–26 in Dakar, the China-Europe Water Platform will organize an event, Wednesday March 23rd at 4 o’clock, in the Chinese Pavilion, to discuss and review the work realized these last few years as well as looking on to what may come in the future.

This session will show, in a rapid overview, lessons learnt, and main barriers still needed to be overcome, giving a concrete idea of what was accomplished from what was initially proposed. Although the final outputs of this project will only be ready to be disseminated by the end of 2022, this session can give an exceptional contribution showing how this partnership, between two of the more influential actors in the World, is operating and consolidating its founding principles.

For further information, you may find the event’s concept note here.