CEWP organizes a Side Event in 2023 UN Water Conference

CEWP at 2023 UN Water Conference


The China-Europe Water Platform was created in 2012, at the margins of World Water Forum and was designed around three strategic pillars: Policy Dialogue, Research and Innovation and Business Cooperation. To date, China and Europe have held 8 ministerial dialogues, 14 joint steering committee meetings at the director-general level and dozens of scientific and technical exchanges, with 4 ministerial-level joint declarations issued. These events were attended by about 8,000 participants from the EU Directorate-General for the Environment, national governments, research institutes and water companies from nearly 20 European countries and China.

To accomplish a coherent program of activities based on the three strategic pillars referred above, four thematic Focus Areas were defined: Water Management and Ecological Security; Rural Water and Food Security; Water and Urbanization; and Water and Energy Security. Now the cooperation areas also cover SDGs, climate change, circular economy, and other emerging issues.

Organizing this event Side Event in 2023 UN Water Conference, under the theme "China-Europe Water Platform – how cooperation between regions can improve global SDG6 implementation and contribute to the UN Water Decade?", CEWP will demonstrate how its activities are developed, addressing not only the second thematic Interactive Dialogue (ID) - Water for Sustainable Development, but also the other three IDs - Water for Health, Water for Climate, Resilience and Environment and Water for Cooperation, all actively contributing to the UN Water Action Decade.

The side-event includes ministerial opening addresses and a panel discussion based on the main conclusions achieved and proposals for future work agreed, making the balance of the last 10 years and, incorporating the actual policy priorities in both regions to achieve water-related SDGs, looking forward to the next 10 years to come, followed by an interactive dialogue with the audience.

Date: Friday 24 March, 2023

Time: 09:30-10:45 (Eastern Standard Time, EST)

Location: Room ECOSOC, UN Headquarter, New York

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