Welcome to the CEWP@IWA joint event on September 13th -14th, 2022.

Back-to-back with IWA World Congress, a CEWP@IWA event will be organized, where key results from the project will be presented in 6 comprehensive sessions. Participation is free of charge and you are cordially invited to join as many sessions as you like.


Zoom-links for the sessions will be provided, if you have registrated, prior to the event.

Simultaneous translation will be available.


About CEWP

The China Europe Water Platform, CEWP, was established in 2012 with the aim to promote dialogue between China and Europe on water management policies, joint research and business development in the water sector. This is implemented through analysis, workshops, conferences, study tours and joint projects to promote exchange of experiences, transfer of technology and improvement of opportunities for business and research.

Started in 2018, the CEWP PI project, operated by 5 consortia, has focused on River Basin Management, Rural Water (Groundwater), Urban Water (Sponge Cities) and Small Scale Hydropower as well as number of cross-cutting issues – Business Co-operation, Circular Economy and Alignment of Funding Resources for Joint Innovation and Research Activities. The PI project itself will close by end of 2022. The results from the project will constitute a main element of the further co-operation at the platform.


About IWA

The IWA World Congress will be held during September 11th -15th, 2022, at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. The congress offers five days of critical discussions into the future of sustainable water management and thought-leadership permeated workshops, debates, business forums, keynote speakers, technical and training sessions. Networking opportunities enabled new insights and partnerships, showcasing new ideas and solutions to solve the global water crisis.

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is the global event for water professionals covering the full water cycle. Join over 10,000 leading water professionals and companies, thought-leaders, decision-makers, leading researchers and business representatives from within and outside the water sector will focus on water solutions to shape our water future.

Link to Congress site, program, information about registration and registration fee, accommodation etc.: https://worldwatercongress.org/