Business Forum of the 7th CEWP High Level Dialogue Conference

On 7th November the Business Forum of China Europe Water Platform, took place in Hotel Guimarães to discuss water cooperation between China and the EU. This discussion, that is happening during the 7th High-level Dialogue Conference is vital to continue policy dialogue between China and Europe looking into synergies, strategic partnerships and to facilitate strengthening of research co-operation.

In this Forum the sessions focused on the lessons we can share and learn when we are talking about the use and saving water.

Business Forum Programme



Key factors such as population and economic growth, land use, and changes in environmental conditions (for example the increased precipitation and temperature) can significantly influence water supply and demand in many water using sectors.

Water data monitoring systems and integrated data can be an added value to an efficient and sustainable water optimised use which is crucial special when we are thinking about water in the future and looking for strategies and solutions with different stakeholders from public and private sectors for different purposes.

Solutions to optimize water use can be held to support a policy decision-making based on economic instruments like taxes, fees, quotas, subsidies but also based in social measures such as information, campaigns to raise public awareness on the importance of water as a vital and scarce resource.

In our days, technology development related to water data is imperative both to users and to water management companies to have real-time water data update (which allows on time alerts on quality and volume, infrastructure problems, etc.).

China and Europe presented in these sessions the state of play, strategies, projects, solutions and digital applications in order to consolidate the existing partnerships, create new ones and exchange information. The aim is to raise and consolidate the existing common know how to save water and rationalise its use as “We Share One Earth”.




Business exhibition

During the 7th and the 8th of November, an exhibition was located at Hotel Guimarães’s parallel space where both Chinese and European companies had the opportunity of presenting their own profile and disseminate experiences and innovative solutions. Conditions were created to facilitate bilateral contacts among them.