Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources Management

During the  “7th High Level Dialogue Meeting” held in Guimarães, the CEWP horizontal Focus Area “Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources Management in EU and China” organized its first workshop. In this workshop several experts were gathered from EU and China to discuss different aspects of interaction between Climate Change (CC) and water resources. A report of the workshop can be downloaded here.

The presentation given were the following:

Several speakers elaborated on the possible direct and indirect impacts of Global Change on the water sector, namely direct risks to water quality, water-related impacts on nature, ecotone and aquatic ecosystems, on terrestrial ecosystems, on agriculture and food security, on energy production, on water infrastructures, on urban livelihood and on international crisis, migrations and conflicts.

The workshop has been a forum were the potential contribution of CEWP for helping in dealing with the challenges of the CC has been discussed. Some of the key contribution include favouring shared understanding of processes and trends in EU and China, pushing Central and Local governments to take Climate Change issues into everyday policy development and in the design of more appropriate governance structures, favouring common effort in developing and adopting adequate technologies, putting forward mitigation / adaptation strategies and financing joint R&D programs to tackle CC-related issues.